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Cano Abad, María

CanoAbad, Maria


 Departament of Pharmacology
 School  of Medicine, Universidad  Autónoma de Madrid
 Instituto Fundación Teófilo Hernando
1. Calcium signalling
2. Pharmacology of CALHM1 with potential therapeutic application in neurodegenerative diseases and stroke
3. CALHM1 and its influence on food intake
1. L. MOUHID AL-ACHBILI, AJ. MORENO-ORTEGA, J. MATÍAS-GUIU, MF. CANO-ABAD, A. RUIZ-NUÑO. ITH33/IQM9.21 provides neuroprotection in a novel ALS model based on TDP-43 and Na(+)/Ca(2+) overload induced by VTD. Neurosci Lett. 28;633: 28-32. 2016
2. AJ. MORENO-ORTEGA, LM. AL-ACHBILI, E. ALONSO, C. DE LOS RÍOS, AG. GARCÍA, A. RUIZ-NUÑO, MF. CANO-ABAD. Neuroprotective Effect of the Novel Compound ITH33/IQM9.21 Against Oxidative Stress and Na(+) and Ca(2+) Overload in Motor Neuron-like NSC-34 Cells. Neurotox Res. 30(3):380-91. 2016
3. A. J. MORENO-ORTEGA, I. BUENDIA, L. MOUHID, J. EGEA, S. LUCEA,  A. RUIZ-NUÑO M. G. LÓPEZ AND MF. CANO-ABAD.  CALHM1 and its polymorphism P86L differentially control Ca2+ homeostasis, mitogen-activated protein kinase signalling and cell vulnerability upon amyloid beta exposure. Aging Cell. 14: 1094-1102. 2015.
 4F. J. MARTÍNEZ-SANZ, R. LAJARÍN-CUESTA, L. GONZÁLEZ-LAFUENTE, A. J. MORENO-ORTEGA, E. PUNZÓN, MF. CANO-ABAD, AND C. DE LOS RÍOS. Neuroprotective profile of pyridothiazepines with blocking activity of the mitochondrial Na+/Ca2+ exchanger. Eur. J. Med. Chem. 109: 114-23. 2016.
5. F. J. MARTÍNEZ-SANZ, R. LAJARÍN-CUESTA, A. J. MORENO-ORTEGA, L. GONZÁLEZ-LAFUENTE, J. C. FERNÁNDEZ-MORALES, R. LÓPEZ-ARRIBAS, MF. CANO-ABAD, AND C. DE LOS RÍOS. Benzothiazepine CGP37157 Analogues Exert Cytoprotection in Various in Vitro Models of Neurodegeneration. ACS Chem Neurosci. 6:1626-36. 2015.
6. AJ. MORENO-ORTEGA, FJ. MARTÍNEZ-SANZ, R. LAJARÍN-CUESTA, C. DE LOS RIOS, MF. CANO-ABAD. Benzothiazepine CGP37157 and its 2′-isopropyl analogue modulate Ca(2+) entry  through CALHM1. Neuropharmacology. 95:503. 2015.
7. M. GUERRA-ÁLVAREZ, AJ. MORENO-ORTEGA, E. NAVARRO, JC. FERNÁNDEZ-MORALES, J. EGEA, MG. LÓPEZ, MF. CANO-ABAD Positive allosteric modulation of alpha-7 nicotinic receptors promotes cell death by inducing Ca(2+) release from the endoplasmic reticulum. J Neurochem. 133(3):309-19. 2015.
8. MARTÍN-SABROSO C, FRAGUAS-SÁNCHEZ AI, APARICIO-BLANCO J, CANO-ABAD MF, TORRES-SUÁREZ AI. Critical attributes of formulation and of elaboration process of PLGA-protein microparticles. Int J Pharm. 480(1-2):27-36. 2015.
9. MARTÍN-SABROSO, AJ. MORENO-ORTEGA, J. APARICIO-BLANCO, AI. FRAGUAS-SÁNCHEZ, MF. CANO-ABAD and AI. TORRES-SUÁREZ. Overcoming glucocorticoid resistances and improving antitumor therapies: lipid and polymers carriers. Pharm Res. 32(3):968-85. 2015.
10. E ALONSO, MF CANO-ABAD, MORENO-ORTEGA AJ, NOVALBOS J, MILLA J, GARCÍA AG, RUIZ-NUÑO A. Nanomolar ouabain elicits apoptosis through a direct action on HeLa  cell mitochondria. Steroids. Nov;78(11):1110-8. 2013

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